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By: Eeja Joe

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Sunday, 23-Dec-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
* * @Tok Nyang's House * *

aunty mummy, aunty zie, umi & tok mak
my fmly without abah & ajoi
the duts
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Went to visit Tok Nyang at his house in Bangsar. he's 97 going on 98 this coming January and alhamdulillah, he still able to talk and although not fully aware of the surrouding, he still manage to greet us with a smile. it was the first visit for joe and went there with my fmly except abah & ajoi, aunty mummy's fmly and later joined by aunty zie's fmly and of course with dear Tok Mak which Tok Nyang calls her "Wok"; which means something like "sayang". my great grandma passed away when I was small and basically I just knew her from photos and stories told by Tok Mak and my aunts. my great grandma which her grandchildren called her Tok Putih was actually a chinese-adopted-and-raised- by-malay-family. Tok Nyang remarried somewhere around 15-16 yrs ago which we called her "Wan" . Wan is around Tok Mak's age which means around her siblings age too and they just call her "makcik"..huhuh..

and as always, when the duts (duts means us sis & cousins) are around, situation is more happening and the camera would not stop clicking. i managed to capture the antique phone of Tok Nyang's and that phone has been around as long as i can remember. i can still remember when he called my house and he will straight away ask for "Hajar" no hello, no greeting just "Hajar" and of course we all knew it was Tok Nyang. That was during his 80s and during his healthy years, Tok Nyang loves to read newspaper. The main ones would be The Stars, NST & Malay Mail. We would came and visit him almost every week and we were always served with Coke & Peanut. I guess that was so much faster and easier for the elderly couple and yeah, carbonated drinks are allowed when we were in Tok Nyang's hse

and now Tok Nyang is too weak to walk and he only manage to lay and rest in his comfy chair. the helper would come 3 times a day to wash him up and tuck him up to bed.

Wednesday, 5-Dec-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
* * A Trip to Bukit Mahkota * *

masuk² ade ni..can choose to go right or left
dining hall..the right way
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went for jalan² and dropped by at my parents in law new hse at Bkt Mahkota. the hse is still under construction and not really sure when its going to be completed. Bkt Mahkota is located somewhere near Nilai & Kajang but i guess its still in Selangor (border of Selangor & Negeri Sembilan). there are not many houses yet and the lots are still empty except for one hse but nobody lives there at the moment. maybe coz of the area is a bit deserted and its quite dangerous too to live there with no neighbour around. the hse is a one storey bungalow and has 7 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms. okayla, besar and luas..

Saturday, 24-Nov-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
* * Zira's Birthday Dinner * *

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went out for dinner to celebrate zira's birthday at victoria station. her birthday is actually on the 27th but we decided to have it earlier. another quality moment with my family and im loving it! *muah*

p/s: due to our malu² kucing to snap photos , maka dengan itu tak banyak la photo di ambil. pic food sume pon xde. and pic ajoi ade but zira forget to send me one later bro, sorry!

Saturday, 17-Nov-2007 10:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
* * A Trip to Putra Heights * *

posing dulu dlm car..
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we went to check out our future house in putra heights. the house is about 70% complete and it looks nice & spacious. the shops are ready to be occupied and residents of the phase I of Laman Putra have start to move in already. with God will, our time will come next year. i will take more photos when i make another trip later. in the meantime, enjoy these ones first!

Saturday, 10-Nov-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
* * Makan² cum raya open house for close family * *

living room
both the dads loved this spot very much!
another angle of the living room
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had a small makan² cum raya open hse for our close family. everyone was there except for ajoi. he had to study for his exam therefore unable to make it. the menu for that day was nasi briyani, ayam masak merah, daging briyani, acar nenas, dalca (order from *ellie's neighbour), cupcakes (*ellie's cupcakes), fruit cocktail, dodol, fruit cakes..umi (my mum) brought lemang, ketupat & tapai, mummy (joe's mum) brought fried spaghetti, kuih bakar and kek kukus..banyak kan?? my fmly was the first to arrive, then joe's parents together with isa, then my cousin ellie..followed by kak johana & hubby and lastly kak mas, hubby & sarah..the makan² was concluded with doa selamat by abah. there were still plenty of food left when the guests were leaving and so i tahpau some for them and managed to clear most of it. it was great to have all the family members together and hope to do it again soon

p/s: *ellie here refers to ellie, my WK colleague

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