Love Conquers All...

By: Eeja Joe

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Saturday, 10-Jun-2006 11:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
** my engagement **

zira, ellie, nana & tatie
faz, erin & curly!
hello kartini!
muah muah
hello umi!
curly merenung masa depan
do u have to take my photo?*sheesh*
my baju
my selendang
gift from my hsemates
kiah, zarina, ina & ju
my cousin ellie
professor jamjan & dr sharil
tok chik & joe's dad
abah & umi listening..
joe's perfume
joe's cake
joe's fruits
joe's kain baju melayu
joe's sirih
joe's sampin
my ring, potpuri & tepak sirih
my quran & telekung
my kain
arrival of joe's family
joe's dad, big sis & lil bro
kak johana & isa..
joe's bro in law, rizal & my uncle
joe's sis, masita
she's married..
susun2 hantaran
joe's mummy with baby sarah
my grandmas
my dad with his friends
my dad..tgk aper la tuh..
joe's niece, baby sarah
with my tok ngah zarah
with ina
with my cousins, farah & hanna
with my cousin, amar & my aunty
with zarina
muah muah ina
sayang tok mak
with my aunty, dr zainah
with my sis
with faz, erin & kartini
with umi
snap snap
with aunty zie & uncle sharil
and nana & tatie
makan time
with my bro, ajoi
and zira and joe
with my cousins & sis
my DIY door gift
my aunty, dr zainah
comel nyer! baby sarah with her daddy
look at the uncles with the door gifts..comel tak?
with our mums
tgk tgk..
with zarina, ju & kiah
zarina focusing..
my friends!
joe..alone..wer's everybody?
who are they?? doesnt matter, got angpow!
my family
with abah & umi
with erin (luv ur handbag!)
rendang tok
with family
with tok mak, tok cik and my uncle, dr jalil
with my uncle, angah
tok ngah zarah..she's pinching my leg (look at her face) :P
joe's mummy, aunty dewi
terpaksa support with other hand
ooppss..nasib ingat nak salam *sheesh*
muah muah aunty dewi
phewww...lega nyer!
posing amik gambar..
baca doa
my ring!
with hantaran
eh..who's der?
nape duduk kat situ?
joe baru sampai
gelak gelak
control control
yes dear? senyum malu2? *sheesh*
joe macam kena marah
joe with his phone while me still posing for the camera
joe's sis, kak johana
zira & her friend
professor jamjan and dr sharil
joe's lil bro, isa
the gurls with hantaran
with kak masita, kak johana & baby sarah
shah iman!
erin tgk2 my baju
makeup in progress
dat's kak nisya
ina with her cam :)
arrival of guests, tok teh & aunty lina
abah with tok ngah
amar, my cousin
habis dah..
guests tengah makan
faz..hidden thought :P
the waiters
dicussion of the johor-ians
nak balik dah..tukar hantaran
bye revoir!
my three atoks..tok limah, tok noyah and tok mak
umi with aunty karen..ckp ape?
joe salam2 nak balik
holla! i'm now engaged! i have a fiance and a ring on my left to my middle finger (i cant remember the name!)..meaning i am half officially taken and half official my bf's future wife..quite a big title rite?play no more, flirt lagi la no more!
the ceremony was held at my house in subang on 10062006 (nice number eh?) and it started at 11am. i was a bit worried when the makeup artist didnt turn up at 9.30..she came 10 mins after that and started to work her miracle touch. that was my 1st makeover and i was really surprised when i saw the took me about 5 mins to get use to the new me..then i was given a signal to come down for the guests to see me and of coz for my future mum-in-law to put on the ring. i was extremely nervous with the attention given..and during the ring session, my hands were actually trembling and i have to support my left hand with my other hand which was unfortunately as bad as my left hand &sheeshh*
my grandmother (nenek sedara) was sitting beside me and she told me not to smile or talk and kept pinching my left leg when i made a sound *oucch!* (she was the one in green outfit) i almost forgot to shake hands with my future mum-in-law that my cousins and aunty actually have to give me a signal to do so.. *ooopss!* too many things to be remembered with no rehearsal..i dun remember anyone mention to me about do's and dont's..
thanks to my parents who put all out for this event..setting up the tents which some ppl mistaken it for a wedding, the food, the hantaran, the decoration in u guys very much!to my aunties, uncles, grandmothers, cousins who helped me to set up the event, prepared the door gifts, woke up early to get things organised, layan the guests..i love u all so much!! thanks to my makeup artist & photographer for producing unbelievable outcomes..and to my sayang, i still remember when u told me that u dont want to go in and u will only come for lunch, ended up you have to stay extra hr, lunch wif my family when all your family members have gone u have to wait for one of them to pick u up..but im glad u stayed longer..we spent time wif taking photos and sort of get to know my family..hooray for u!
i am now somebody's fiance..really looking forward for my big day which i hope it to be on next june..insyaallah..

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